No release for Sai Tej in the next 12 months

Sai Dharam Tej

Sai Dharam Tej made a strong comeback last year with blockbuster film like “Virupakasha”. He later announced a film in the direction of Sampath Nandi, but it was temporarily shelved.


So, he recently began shooting another film (#SDT18), which is currently in progress.

The film’s producer, Chaitanya Reddy, has announced that it would not be completed anytime soon. “We are making it in a massive way. Although the budget is Rs 120 crore, it may increase to Rs 200 crore by the time it is completed. We built massive sets on our own land in Hyderabad,” she explained.

Chaitanya Reddy also mentioned that the film might hit screens after August 2025. So, Sai Dharam Tej will not have a movie release in 2024.



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