Official: Telugu film shootings resume from this date


Telugu film shootings came to a grinding halt on the first of August. Now, all film producers, actors, directors, technicians, and workers have decided to get back to work. The shootings will resume from September 1st.

The shootings were halted after the Active Producers Guild decided to have consultations with various bodies of the film industry to solve certain issues plaguing them. Reducing production costs, streamlining the release dates, and fixing a healthy gap between theatrical releases and streaming premieres are chief among the many issues the producers discussed during the three weeks.

As they found solutions to all these issues, the industry is on its way to work.
Nandamuri Balakrishna’s #NBK107, Pawan Kalyan’s new film, Chiranjeevi’s #Mega154, Nani’s ‘Dasara’ and other films will resume their shootings.



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