Police file a case against actor Raj Tarun

R aj Tarun

The Narsingi police in Hyderabad have opened a case against actor Raj Tarun after his former girlfriend filed a complaint with all available documents and records to back up her claims. Lavanya, Raj Tarun’s long-term live-in partner, has filed a complaint against him, stating that he cheated her when actress Malvi Malhotra commenced an affair with him and that they both threatened her.

However, police urged her to produce basic proofs before proceeding with the case, and after she did, a case against Raj Tarun was ultimately registered.

Lavanya has given the police full evidence of Raj Tarun’s actions. The Narsing police will start an investigation.

She claims that Raj Tarun and she had been together for more than ten years. They married in a temple but did not register their marriage. When she requested a legal registered wedding, he allegedly cheated her and began an affair with his “Thiragabadara Saami” co-star Malvi Malhotra.

Lavanya further claimed that Raj Tarun compelled her to abort the pregnancy. She stated that she registered her name as Avika at the hospital.



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