Poonam Kaur hits out at Ram Gopal Varma

In a startling revelation, actress Poonam Kaur said that Ram Gopal Varma sent her messages to tweet against a big personality couple of years ago. She also accused that Ram Gopal Varma instigates the vulnerable young girls to use abusive language against the personalities with whom he wants to settle a score.

It must be remembered that Poonam Kaur created a huge controversy with her tweets and statements two years ago and media pointed out that she’d targeted at Pawan Kalyan.
Poonam Kaur, Kathi Mahesh, and Ram Gopal Varma’s tweets and a section of media had created a negative impression on Pawan Kalyan that damaged him politically. Going by her tweets, there were forces against Pawan Kalyan and the smear campaign was pre-planned.

After Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that he’d be making a film on Pawan Kalyan, Poonam Kaur took it to Twitter to confess that the filmmaker had used her for his political gain. She hinted that RGV sent messages to be posted on social media against Pawan Kalyan to tarnish the star’s image.

Poonam Kaur also agreed that she was naïve enough to blindly trust him.

She tweeted, “Plz include a character named #rgv who calls girls finding out their emotional weakness n instigates them to use abusive language and sends tweets to them to share as if they are doing it n then informs media about it …I respected U when I was a child …feel sad about u now (sic).”

Poonam Kaur wished she had recorded the conversations they had during that time. She continued, “I wish I had recorded the call of this traitor director who brainwashed me for an hour to speak against a personality …the tweets he sent me were sent to respective party personal …thank god I have few genuine people in media I wouldn’t know ur intentions otherwise …(sic)”

Social media has now become a platform to use smear campaigns by political forces. Half of the campaigns against or for a political party of a famous personality are paid campaigns.

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