Post-Rave party, Hema shares a Biryani recipe video

On Monday, actress Hema made headlines for her involvement in a Rave party that was busted by Bengaluru police. According to the police, a Telugu actress attended the rave party, which took place in a farm house on the outskirts of Bengaluru.


But Hema released a video claiming that she was not at the party and was “chilling out” in another farm house. Later, Bengaluru police released a photo of Hema at the party, and both the photo and the video showed Hema wearing the same dress.

After police released her photo, she became the subject of extensive trolling. People have accused her for attempting to deceive them by producing a video and claiming that she was cooling off in another farm house.

And today (May 21), she shared a new video on Instagram telling folks how to make Biryani. She prepared Biryani and uploaded the full video.

Interestingly, the comments are littered with words criticizing her, such as “Sampradayani Subbini Suddapoosani”. Some comments stated that she is delivering Oscar-level performance.



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