Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh pair up for ‘Darling’

Darling Why This Kolaveri?

The actual reason for the online ‘spat’ between actors Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh has been revealed. As many suspected, Nabha Natesh’s spat with Priyadarshi about calling her ‘darling’ is only a PR stunt.


Yes, they have teamed up for a film produced by K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment, which just released the blockbuster “Hanu-Man”. Aswin Raam is directing the romantic comedy.

And the film’s title is “Darling” with the tagline “Why This Kolaveri?” So, their entire internet war was to generate buzz for this “Darling Why This Kolaveri.” The first look and video glimpse were shown.

The video begins with a humorous chat between Priyadarshi and a barber in the saloon. When the barber asks why Darshi is so depressed, he explains the many periods of female life. Then we see Nabha verbally roasting Darshi.

Ananya Nagalla plays an important role in the film. Vivek Sagar will offer music.



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