Producer SKN fulfills his promise to Mariamma


Producer SKN has once again demonstrated his altruistic nature and commitment to keeping promises made.


Mariamma, a Pithapuram native in Andhra Pradesh, announced her intention to commemorate Konidala Pawan Kalyan’s electoral victory by using her husband’s rickshaw income. Producer SKN was impressed by Mariamma’s intentions and promised to buy her an auto if Pawan Kalyan won Pithapuram. These incidents occurred before the 2024 AP assembly elections.

Pawan Kalyan not only won, but also became Andhra Pradesh’s deputy chief minister.

SKN kept his promise and recently went to Pithapuram to gift Mariamma an auto.

The photographs depicting SKN handing over the vehicle to Mariamma are widely shared on social media platforms. He was also commended for his altruistic qualities. SKN recently had massive success with the film “Baby.”



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