Producer: Vijay’s film is not titled Boss


Vijay, the Tamil superstar, has recently preferred English titles for his films. Some of his recent films have been titled “Master”, “Beast”, “Whistle”, and “Leo”. As a result, his fans have begun to speculate that “Boss” is the title of Vijay’s current film, which is in production.


Venkat Prabhu of “Custody” is directing the film. The female lead is Meenakshii Chaudhary.

However, producer Archana Kalpathi has stated that all of the titles floating around on social media are false. She stated that the team will soon announce the official title.

“It is definitely not Boss or Puzzle,” she wrote.

Vijay’s previous film “Leo” was his biggest hit to date. The Telugu version of the film was also a huge success.



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