Producer’s Council condemns Payal Rajput’s statement

Payal Rajput

The Telugu Film Producers Council (TFPC) has strongly condemned actress Payal Rajput’s social media post against filmmaker Prandeep Thakur. The director made a film titled “Rakshana” with Payal Rajput as the lead. The film was delayed, and its title was changed.


According to the TFPC, the producer filed a complaint against Payal Rajput in March of this year for refusing to promote the film, citing the fact that it had been in production for four years. According to the TFPC statement, Payal Rajput not only failed to respond to the council’s requests for an amicable resolution of the issue, but her manager also acted unprofessionally.

Payal Rajput recently made some allegations against producer Prandeep Thakur in a social media post.

Despite the producer agreeing to clear her remaining Rs 6 lakhs in remuneration, she failed to honour the clause that required 50 days for shooting and additional time for promotion.

Thus, TFPC stated that the council “strongly condemns the statement of Ms. Payal Rajput issued on Digital Media which is malafide intent.”



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