Raai Laxmi gets trolled for her engagement prank

Raai Laxmi

Actress Raai Laxmi is quite active on social media. She never misses a day without posting a photograph on her Instagram page. 

The other day she posted a message that gave hints of her engagement. But it turned out to be a tease to get the attention of her followers to read the real message she wanted to convey. 

She concluded the post by saying that she is driving the message of the importance of wearing a mask and keeping hand sanitizer.

She used the news of ‘engagement announcement’ to get the reader’s interest. But many of her followers didn’t get her message and assumed that she is going to get engaged on April 27th. 

Only after realizing her true intention, they have started trolling her. They say she is pulling off the same old tricks. She did the same last year.


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