Raj Tarun to be cleared of harassment charges?

Raj Tarun

In the cheating and harassment case filed against Raj Tarun by his former lover Lavanya, the actor appears to be getting out of trouble. Police requested that Lavanya provide proof of her allegations.


On the other hand, both Raj Tarun and actress Malvi Malhotra spoke to the media and clarified certain points.

Raj Tarun admitted that he had a long-term relationship with Lavanya but ended it due to her drug addiction and the fact that she is a pathological liar. “We split up long ago. We don’t have a relationship now,” he explained.

Malvi Malhotra, who costarred with Raj Tarun in “Thiragabadara Saami,” has denied the allegations made against her by Lavanya. Malvi Malhotra stated that, aside from being her co-star, Raj Tarun is not her lover, nor are they dating.

“Neither I nor my family threatened Lavanya. Her statements are completely false,” she claimed.

Police are continuing their investigation, but according to media reports, Lavanya’s allegations lack proof. So Raj Tarun may not be in too much trouble. But we must wait for the final word from the police.



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