Ram Charan reveals Klin Kaara changed his work schedule

Ram Charan with Klin Kaara

Klin Kaara, the first child of Ram Charan and Upasana Kamineni Konidela, will be celebrating her first birthday in a few days. Ram Charan expresses how his life centers around his daughter on this Father’s Day.


In addition, he posted a photograph featuring his daughter.

He states that in the initial half-year, he experienced a lack of emotions, except for a feeling of responsibility. But now the entire dynamics of the situation shifted.

“I experience a sense of exclusion when I am not in her presence, which diminishes my desire to engage in social activities. She also misses him if I am not around,” he revealed.

Ram also disclosed that he currently organizes his work schedule according to his daughter and intends to continue doing so until she begins formal education. “I do not want to miss a single moment with Klin. My work schedule has also changed. I told my producers that I had to leave the movie sets by 6 p.m. from now on,” he said.



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