Rashmika Mandanna chills with her family in Coorg

Rashmika Mandanna is the busiest actress. She has been constantly on the go due to her hectic schedule of shootings and promotions in several different cities. At last, though, she was able to take a short trip back to Coorg, her hometown.

Rashmika Mandanna visited her parents and sister in Coorg and participated in a religious ceremony (pooja).

The actress had a moment of reflection and shared a photo of herself on social media, and she wrote about how she felt.

“Dear diary, It’s been a while again. But I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful day yesterday. I’ll write about today – tomorrow but about yesterday – Woke up to see my sister rolling on the bed next to me. It’d been a while since I’d gone home but had to go as mum was forcing me for a Pooja and I am glad I went home for it and stayed for a day. I got to see them,” she wrote

She stated that she enjoyed the time she spent with her parents. She returned to Hyderabad after spending a day there.

“Chilled with mum dad and sister the whole and as usual when I go home I become extremely lazy so didn’t do anything but give a gazillion kisses to my sis and hug mum and talk business to papsi..Had a late-night flight and came to Hyderabad.”



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