Ravi Teja kicked about Dhamaka


Ravi Teja had a rough 2022, with two box office bombs. First it was “Khiladi,” and then it was “Ramarao On Duty,” both of which were box office flops. The trailer and songs for his third film this year, however, have generated considerable interest among audiences. The movie in question is “Dhamaka,” and it opens in theatres on December 23. 

‘Dhamaka,’ directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina, has been met with positive buzz. Interestingly, Ravi Teja is just as enthusiastic about the film as everyone else and is actively promoting it.

Because he has three more movies scheduled for release in 2023, it’s crucial that this one does well.  The film’s strength is its entertaining value.

Ravi Teja plays a dual role.



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