Salaar early morning shows: A gimmick or conspiracy?


Prabhas starrer “Salaar” stunned with everyone its collections. The film amassed huge numbers across Telugu states and the overseas. But not all is rosy. According to reports, the producers have begun faking “Salaar” collections, particularly the Hindi version. It’s no secret that the Hindi version of “Salaar” started on slow note, but it grew significantly on Sunday and Monday.


The unusual increase in collections over the last two days drew everyone’s attention and suspicion.

Something is fishy, it became clear on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, 6.30AM and 7AM shows have been added to BookMyShow across India. What’s more, all of these shows in remote locations were sold out on the ticketing app.

While BookMyShow displays a ‘green’ trend (indicating that tickets are available) everywhere, suddenly adding early morning shows and showing that they are booked houseful even in places like Mohali and Kolkata city increased people’s understanding that the team began engaging in either corporate booking or attempting to fake collections.

Prashanth Neel’s “Salaar” starred Prabhas as the hero and produced by Hombale Films. In the last four days, the film grossed a lot of money in Telugu states. But Wednesday’s BookMyShow fiasco put the team in embarrassment.



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