Samantha defends her health-related posts amid controversy


Samantha has been using various medical treatments, both conventional and alternative, to address her health issues for some time. She has also been posting videos and messages about these methods on her social media accounts, particularly Instagram.


However, when she posted about nebulisation with hydrogen peroxide and advised her followers about this alternative medicine, a doctor on Twitter chastised her for suggesting such methods, which are not only dangerous but also fatal. The doctor has been trying to educate people about unqualified people who recommend medicines to unsuspecting people. He stated that celebrities such as Samantha are abusing their celebrity status to misinform the public, which is illegal.

Many people supported this doctor and chastised Samantha for using social media to promote her so-called unconventional medical treatments and misinform people without any qualifications.

Samantha has now taken to Instagram to clarify her position on this. She stated in this lengthy statement that she turned to alternative therapies and treatments after conventional therapies failed to provide adequate relief. She also stated that the treatment she described on social media was recommended by an experienced doctor to her.

Samantha previously mentioned that she suffers from myositis, an auto immune disease.

“I posted someone who needs medical treatments not as a celebrity. And certainly I am not making money from the post nor endorsing anyone,” she wrote.



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