Sekhar Kammula responds on Saranga Dariya controversy

Director Sekhar Kammula has finally opened up about the controversy surrounding the song ‘Saranga Dariya’, the viral song in his upcoming film, Love Story. The folk song has become an instant chartbuster and also attracted controversy.

‘Saranga Dariya’ was a popular folk song in Telangana. But the song first gained prominence when singer Sirish crooned it in Maa TV’s ‘Rela Re Rela’ program. Sekhar Kammula heard it on the TV many years ago and he wanted to use the same song in ‘Love Story’. But much before Sirisha, another singer Komali sung it and the same tune was used in ‘Love Story’. So, she is demanding credit in the film. 

Taking to social media, Sekhar Kammula had recalled how he wanted this song to be rendered by Sirisha but they couldn’t do so because she was pregnant and the lockdown had spoiled their plans. 

“We filmed this song with the rough version sung by a track singer. Later we recorded the same song with Mangli in February this year as Sirisha could not come to the recording as she had just delivered a baby. After the promo came out, we came to know about Komali,” he wrote.

Sekhar Kammula reveals that his team had contacted Komali now. He says he would give credit to both Sirisha and Komali in the film and also provide a monetary benefit to Komali. The singer has also agreed to perform it at the audio release function. 

So, the controversy comes to an end.

‘Love Story’ features Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi. The music is by newcomer Pawan CH. The film is scheduled to hit the screens next month. ‘Saranga Dariya’ song has gone viral. 


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