Shankar: If you get new ideas, implement them


Shankar is the first Indian filmmaker to use visual effects in his films. Shankar, known for big-budget visual spectacles, directed sci-fi dramas such as “Robo” 15 years ago.


Interestingly, Shankar had also come up with the idea of creating a ‘cinematic universe’.

He recently revealed that he had plans to make a film featuring the lead characters from “Aparachitudu” (Vikram), “Robo” (Rajinikanth), and “Bharateeyudu” (Kamal Haasan). But his friends, family, associates, and producers thought it was a strange idea.

However, every other filmmaker is now making films in this format, which they refer to as the “cinematic universe.”

Hence, Shankar advised aspiring filmmakers and young people to implement any exciting ideas they had right away. “Or someone will try it after some time. So, don’t be afraid to implement your new ideas,” he said.



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