Sriya Reddy to have a big role in ‘Salaar 2’

Sriya Reddy

“Salaar: Ceasefire” debuted on Netflix last weekend. The film is presently in first place on the platform. While the film received mixed reviews from OTT viewers, as it did during its theatrical premiere, the impressions and views are huge.


It’s no surprise that the “Salaar” team is excited to get started on the second part.

The film starred Sriya Reddy as Prithviraj Sukumaran’s sister. However, at the start of the first half, the film implied that she had been waiting for Prabhas’ character Deva to arrive in their hometown Khansara before taking vegence.

Sriya Reddy revealed in an interview that the second part will be exclusively focused on Prabhas, Prithivraj, and her. So, she’ll play a significant role in the next installment.



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