SS Rajamouli says he will make an animated film


Top director SS Rajamouli believes that animation films have a bright future in the Indian market. According to him, even his biggest hit, “Baahubali 2,” reached only 10% of the Indian population.


“India has a large untapped market for movies. To tap into it, we must think beyond traditional storytelling. I believe that animated films are one such step. I will definitely direct an animated film in the future,” he stated.

He was speaking at a promotional event for “Baahubali: Crown of Blood,” an animated film based on Rajamouli’s mega-hit film “Baahubali.”

Rajamouli stated that the Baahubali story will reach the public in various forms and platforms in the coming days.

He stated that he learned a lot during the production of this animation film with this team, and that he hoped that this knowledge would be useful in the future.

Rajamouli will begin filming his next movie, featuring Mahesh Babu.



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