Sudheer Babu declares, ‘I am not overconfident’

Sudheer Babu

Sudheer Babu starred in “Harom Hara”, a film set in the backdrop of Kuppam. The period drama has Sudheer Babu playing blacksmith who is specialised in making guns. The film is set for release on 14th June.


Speaking at the pre-release event of “Harom Hara”, Sudheer Babu said one might think that he is sounding over by his speech. “But I’m not overconfident. The confidence gained after screening the film for many people for number of times and the feedback we have received is making me talk like this. I am 100 percent sure that we will hit the bull’s eye,” he stated.

Direted by Gnanasagar Dwaraka, the film is an action thriller.

“The craft and the narration of Gnanasagar are solid. Every scene is designed to make engage the audience. Pagilipoyela chesam,” he added.

Though the film was postponed multiple times, Sudheer Babu says the delay actuvally helped them to better the quality.



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