Sudheer Babu is elated with parents’ appreciation

Sudheer Babu in V

Actor Sudheer Babu is not stopping talking about the response that his latest release, V, is getting from audiences. He is on cloud nine when his father and mother patted on his back after watching the film. “Never felt like I have achieved something until I saw pride in my parents’ eyes today,” said Sudheer Babu. 

‘V’ is a multi-starrer featuring Nani as a military officer on a killing spree to avenge the death of his wife and Sudheer Babu as a police officer hunting down Nani. Aditi Rao and Nivetha Thomas are the female lead. Directed by Indraganti Mohana Krishna, the film premiered on Amazon Prime on September 5. 

He posted this on Instagram after his parents loved this performance in ‘V’. 

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