Sukumar: I tried to be Puri’s assistant director

Director Sukumar began his career as an assistant director to VV Vinayak. He wrote dialogues for Vinayak-directed ‘Dil’ starring Nithin. He later became a director with the sensational hit ‘Arya’ which established Allu Arjun’s career.

Today Sukumar is one of the biggest directors in Indian cinema. The massive success of ‘Pushpa’ catapulted him to the top league.

However, the Pushpa director said he approached Puri Jagannadh to take him as assistant director twenty years ago. Sukumar interviewed Puri Jagannadh as part of ‘Liger’ promotions. The two creative geniuses spoke at length about many aspects of the film industry and filmmaking.
Sukumar said every writer and assistant director wanted to work with him. “I love how you present heroes in your films. ‘Badri’ became Pawan Kalyan’s trademark mannerism now. The dialogue delivery that Mahesh Babu exhibited in ‘Pokiri’ and Prabhas in ‘Bujjigaadu’ is terrific,” Sukumar praised Puri’s style.

Pushpa Sukumar with Liger Puri Jagannadh | Full Interview | Vijay Deverakonda , Ananya Panday

He also revealed that he approached Puri for work as assistant director.



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