The absurdity of fan wars and shallowness of awards!

Since Ram Charan stole the show at the recent Hollywood Critics Association awards, fans of both NTR and Ram Charan have been feuding on the internet. The entire “RRR” cast and crew was awarded the Spotlight prize by the association, but since Ram Charan was there and NTR wasn’t, the former got more publicity and media coverage.

However, NTR’s supporters started complaining about foul play and insisted their favourite actor had actually won the award. And they started bothering the organisation because it was promoting Ram Charan over NTR.

The associations’ statement:“Dear RRR fans & supporters, We did invite N. T. Rama Rao Jr. to attend the #HCAFilmAwards but he is shooting a new film in India. He will be receiving his awards from us shortly. Thank you for all your love and support. Sincerely, The Hollywood Critics Association.”

Due to the onslaught of tweets, the organisation felt compelled to clarify that NTR had been invited as well but would be unable to attend.

These events not only highlight the absurdity of fan wars but also the meaninglessness of these honours. The HCA is largely irrelevant. The awards are merely upscale versions of our local “Cinegoer” awards.



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