‘Tillu Square’ offers more entertainment: Siddu Jonnalagadda

Vishwak Sen

Siddu Jonnalagadda rose to prominence with the huge success of “DJ Tillu,” and the film’s sequel “Tillu Square” is set to be released this Friday (March 29). He discussed the film, among other topics.


“Tillu Square” is bigger and better than “DJ Tillu”

The box office performance of “DJ Tillu” exceeded all expectations. It developed a cult following. As a result, there is both excitement and pressure over this sequel’s ability to satisfy high expectations. But I am confident that “Tillu Square” will also exceed all expectations and provide more comedy.

Despite the significantly bigger canvas, it remains a crime comedy. The genre is the same. All characters stay true to the universe, with equal importance given to both me and Anupama.

Tillu’s starlight drive

We focused on several sequences to build Tillu’s character in “DJ Tillu”, but we don’t need to waste time on his characterisation here. We dove right into the story. So, the film is more concise and has perfect duration of under two hours of runtime.

Despite the change in director (the first part was directed by Vimal Krishna, and this one by Mallik Ram), there is no discernible difference in the aesthetics or entertainment value. In fact, this film provides more laughter.

Anupama’s Glam show

Everyone is discussing Anupama’s glamor and her role. All I can say is that the pointless debates will end once the film is released. She did terrific job in her role.



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