‘Tillu Square’ will determine Siddhu’s market


“DJ Tillu” was a surprise hit. The film not only became a huge success, but it also propelled the film’s hero, Siddhu Jonnalagadda, to new heights.


He currently has several projects on the set, including “Telusu Kada” and “Jack”. But “Tillu Square,” which comes out on March 29, will reveal his true market. He is demanding a certain amount of remuneration, but producers are unsure of his exact range in terms of the theatrical market.

If he can draw a large audience to this film, his position as a mid-range actor will be solidified, and major production companies will line up to sign him.

So, “Tillu Square,” a sequel to the smash hit “DJ Tillu,” will decide everything for him. The film has high expectations and hype. It also includes Anupama Parameswaran.

Tillu Square - Release Trailer | Siddu, AnupamaParameswaran | MallikRam | March 29th Release


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