Varun Tej’s film titled Gandeevadhari Arjuna


This is the first time Varun Tej and Praveen Sattaru have joined hands. Their new film, which is billed to be an action thriller, just wrapped up a massive shooting schedule in the United Kingdom. Almost half of the movie’s action occurs in a different country. So, Sattaru shot his film in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the makers have locked a title. “Gandeevadhari Arjuna,” which translates to “Bow-Clad Arjuna,” is the name given to the film. The film’s protagonist, Varun Tej, is a firearms expert. The name was selected because of his penchant for armed self-defence.

Praveen Sattaru typically chooses hefty titles, but he always chooses one that fits the film’s theme. The films “Chandamama Kathalu” and “PSV Garuda Vega” are two such examples. Sakshi Vaidya, a newcomer, plays the female lead role in the film.

BVSN Prasad is producing the film. The title will be announced on January 19th, on the occasion of Varun Tej’s birthday.



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