Venkatesh’s 75th film is titled ‘Saindhav’

Venkatesh and Sailesh Kolanu are collaborating for the first time. Sailesh Kolanu rose to prominence with the “Hit” franchise films. ‘Saindhav’ is the title of their first film.

The film’s title was announced alongside a poster and a video preview.

Venkatesh appears in the video against the backdrop of a port, warning some goons that he will remain there and inviting them to fight him.
The film takes place in a fictitious region called Chandraprastha, and his bike’s licence plate is CP.

Venkat Boyanapalli, the producer of ‘Shyam Singha Roy,’ is producing this high-budget film. According to the video preview, it appears to be an action drama.

‘Saindhav’ will be available in all South Indian languages as well as Hindi.

Glimpse Of SAINDHAV ( Telugu ) | Venkatesh Daggubati | Sailesh Kolanu | Santhosh Narayanan |


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