Venky Kudumula gets trolled for getting conned easily

In director Venky Kudumula’s films, his heroes act very smartly. They come up with many tricks in their face-off with the antagonist. But the director seems to have no such alertness in real life.

He is now getting trolled for easily getting conned. A random person called him and informed him that his film, Bheeshma, was selected for a film festival. Later the conman asked him to send money to his account to ‘process it further. The excited director did the same. After sending Rs 60,000 to the person, Venky Kudumula realized he was duped.  

This is a classic example of phishing. The cyber police are investigating the case.

As soon as the news came out, Venky Kudumula is getting trolled for his lack of basic knowledge about film festivals and awards. The trolls have asked him to apply common sense.

Luckily, the director had lost in thousands, not in lakhs. This is another example that most celebrities have little knowledge about the way the world works.


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