Vijay Deverakonda meets a ‘disabled family star’

Vijay Deverakonda and Parasuram

Vijay Deverakonda today surprised a woman who is the star of her family. He went to meet her at her house in Suraram in Hyderabad.


During an interaction with YouTubers and social media influencers as part of the “Family Star” promotion, producer Dil Raju promised memer Prasanth that he and hero Vijay Deverakonda would meet his sister. Prasanth told the story of his sister Swaroopa, who, despite her disability, took on all of their family’s responsibilities.

Dil Raju was moved by the story and promised to pay a visit to their home.

And today, Vijay Devarakonda, producer Dil Raju, and director Parasuram paid a visit to the sister’s home in Suraram, Hyderabad. She was pleasantly surprised when Vijay and Dil Raju arrived. During their visit, Dil Raju and Vijay Devarakonda spoke with the family, who expressed their enjoyment of the film “Family Star.”

They said that the scenes with Vijay and his grandmother made them laugh, and that they could relate to the characters and emotions in the film.



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