Wanted a producer for Akhil’s spy thriller!

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Surender Reddy has narrated a story to Akhil Akkineni recently and the young actor is very excited to collaborate with him. A lot has been written about this project but what we have learned is that Surender Reddy is still pitching the story to several producers.

The film is said to be a spy thriller that needs to be shot in various foreign languages. For this, he needs a massive budget. But no producer is willing to invest more than Rs 25 to 30 crore on an Akhil starrer.

Akhil’s previous three films bombed at the box-office and his fourth film ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ is yet to be released. Unless Akhil proves his box-office potential, no producer would take risk of putting in the money that Surender Reddy wants.

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This is the reason why Surender Reddy is not announcing his next film yet.

Only after completing Akhil’s movie, Surender Reddy can take up Pawan Kalyan’s film for producer Ram Tallari. So, he needs a producer who can invest big money in his spy thriller.

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