Was the RX100 producer in a relationship with Sravani?

ashok Reddy sravani phone

A new angle is being unraveled in the death case of Kondapalli Sravani. The new audio clip, a phone call conversation between the deceased Sravani and film producer Ashok Reddy has thrown new light in this case. 

The audio clip mentions the relationship between Sravani and Ashok Reddy. “Devraju is harassing me. He is threatening to expose us. He saw us together,” Sravani told Ashok Reddy in the phone conversation that has been leaked. 

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26-year-old Sravani, who acted in TV serials like ‘Manasu Mamata’, died by suicide on Tuesday night in Hyderabad. Her family members had filed a case against Devraju Reddy alleging that his harassment drove her to attempt suicide. The SR Nagar police are on the lookout for Devraju. 

Ashok Reddy shot to fame with the super hit ‘RX100’ starring Kartikeya.

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