Will Keerthy Suresh turn lucky mascot to him?

Keerthy Suresh

Chandrasekhar Yeleti directed ‘Check’ turned out to be a disaster at the box-office. The film’s result has put Nithin in an embarrassing situation. He is now trying to promote his next film more aggressively and banking on other factors to tide over the adverse situation. 

Nithin’s next release is ‘Rang De’. The film is coming to the theaters on 26th March.

The film has Keerthy Suresh as the female lead. Nithin is now hoping that she would become his lucky mascot. Keerthy Suresh, too, has not delivered a good lately. But she is one of the most popular actresses. So, her popularity and other factors must help him to bounce back. 

Nithin will start promoting this film next week. 


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