Sulthan Review: Begins well, ends tepidly

Sulthan Review

What’s it about?

Sulthan(Karthi) is an engineer in Mumbai whose only dream is to launch his own company. But things take a U-turn as his father passes away and Sulthan heads back to his native place. There, he has to deal with his father’s 100 crazy henchmen and also manage the local politics with the farmers. In all this, he has to give time to his girlfriend Ruku (Rashmika) as well. Will he able to reform the 100 rowdies and also save the village lands from getting snatched by a corporate guy?


‘Sulthan’ is a film that has been made as a complete package for the mass audience. The film starts on an interesting note and Karthi’s character is introduced in a good way. The track of Karthi and his romance with Rasmika is also brought in well. The idea behind the main story – a Lord Krishna-like Karthi reforming 100 Kauravas (Rowdies) is quite interesting. 

The breakpoint in the film also is brought in well and creates curiosity. Until this point, things look perfect. Karthi leads from the front and his charming role wins the hearts of the masses. But once the second half starts, things start to fall like a pack of cards. 

The hero-villain conflict is not that strong and this breaks the flow in the film. Things become routine as repeated scenes come in one after the other. The logic goes for a toss and template-filled scenes are thrown at the audience making it a bore-fest in the second half.

From reforming the rowdies, it turns into the concept of farming. In the beginning, there is one villain, as the film progresses we get to see three villains. But the villains are too meek and unidimensional.

The romantic thread with Rashmika also becomes a bore in the second half. Karthi does his role well. The writing in the first half is good.

Bottom-line: ‘Sulthan’ looks interesting initially but it ends as a been-there-done-that kind of a movie. Plus, it makes a tiresome watch. 

Rating: 2.25/5

By: Jalapathy Gudelli

Film: Sulthan
Cast: Karthi, Rashmika Mandanna, Napoleon, Lal, Yogibabu 
Music: Vivek Mervin
Dialogues: Rakendu Mouli
Director of Photography: Sathyan Sooryan
Editor: Ruben
Producer: SR Prabhu, SR Prakash Babu 
Written and directed by: Bakkiyaraj Kannan
Release Date: April 02, 2021


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