Cash flow issues are plaguing Telugu producers!

Cash and movie shootings

The Telugu film industry has experienced a deceleration this year. There will be a significant decrease in the number of major films being released in 2024. Prabhas, Ram Charan, NTR, Pawan Kalyan, and Allu Arjun are set to release new films this year, which have been in production for the past few years.


Shootings have slowed down due to multiple factors. Additionally, over the last two months, the industry has been experiencing a cash shortage as a result of the election season. Many leading production houses are known to have connections with politicians from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with money flowing in both directions. Therefore, the frequency of shootings has decreased.

Mid-range and small-budgeted films are experiencing financial difficulties due to a lack of investment in the current market conditions and due to lack of bright OTT market.

Currently, film productions for a limited number of projects such as “Thandel”, “Vishwambhara”, and “Pushpa 2” are advancing smoothly. “Devara” and “Game Changer” are facing their own challenges, and production on these projects is moving slowly.



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