Amigos trailer: Kalyan Ram as the Devil in the Dark!

The long-awaited trailer for ‘Amigos,’ starring Kalyan Ram in three different roles, is now out. Kalyan Ram appears as three different people who all look the same. However, they are not brothers or friends. “We’re just lookalikes,” one of the characters declares.

According to the trailer, one of the characters played by Kalyan Ram is a villain or a dreaded devil in the dark. This force has turned into a threat to the national investigation agency.

The trailer is captivating and intriguing.

Although Kalyan Ram appears as three different people, we only see one heroine. Ashika Ranganath, a Kannada actress, co-stars with Kalyan Ram.

Amigos Trailer | Nandamuri Kalyan Ram | Ashika Ranganath | Rajendra Reddy | Ghibran

Ghibran composed the music for the film, which was directed by newcomer Rajendra Reddy. This thriller is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers and will be released on February 10, 2023.



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