Love Gante: A refreshing number for Sekhar!

Senior actor Rajasekhar underwent a complete transformation. For the first time, he has gone for a complete gray hair look appropriate to his off-screen age in his upcoming film, Sekhar. As the film is gearing up for release shortly, the makers unveiled the first song. 

“Love Gante Mogindanta” is the first lyrical song from the film, which is out now. Composed by Anup Rubens and penned by Chandra Bose, singers Vijay Prakash, Anup Rubens, and Revanth crooned it. The song has visuals of Rajasekhar and his friends enjoying their trip.

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The song gives a glimpse into the one love story of the protagonist. A chirpy number has cool visuals. Directed by Jeevitha Rajasekhar, the film is a thriller.

Based on a Malayalam blockbuster, Rajasekhar plays a police detective.



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