BO: Ambajipeta Marriage Band posts okay numbers

Ambajipeta Marriage Band

Last weekend, several Telugu films were released, but only “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” drew attention. The film, which stars Suhas and Sharanya Pradeep, was directed by newcomer Dushyanth and produced by Dheeraj Mogilineni. The film began on a slow note. But it increased collections on Saturday and posted strong numbers on Sunday.


As a result, it received respectable box office for a film of this range. In the United States, “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” grossed approximately $140,000 (Rs 1.16 crore).

On the other hand, films such as “Kismet,” “Bootcut Balaraju,” “Dheera,” and “Happy Ending” received no openings at all. All of them were flatly rejected by the audience.

The holdover blockbuster “Hanu Man” also did not add much money to it last weekend domestically.



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