Hanu Man collects 135 crore gross in the first week

Hanu Man

“Hanu Man” was released on January 12, but it had its premiere on January 11th. The film has been declared as a true Sankranthi winner.


“Hanu Man,” directed by Prasanth Varma and starring Teja Sajja as the lead, had a successful first week.In its first week, “Hanu Man” earned a whopping Rs 130 crore.

In India, the film grossed a lot of money from Telugu and Hindi versions. The other language versions didn’t contribute much. In North America alone, the film grossed $3.5 million (Rs 29 crore). Overall, the global revenue is around Rs 130 to 135 crore.

The film was produced by Niranjan Reddy of Prime Show Entertainment. The producer hit the jackpot.

The filmmakers have already announced a sequel. The sequel “Jai HanuMan” will be released in theaters in 2025.



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