Tollywood hopes May 2024 will end the collection drought

May 2024 Telugu Releases

The entire month of April went to waste because no film performed well at the box office. The summer season is crucial for the Telugu film industry. Big-ticket movies are usually released during the summer holiday season, but due to elections and IPL matches, there are no big releases in May either.


Multiple movies on May 3rd

The first week of May will see the release of low-budget films such as “Aa Okkati Adakku” and “Prasanna Vadanam”. The former is generating a lot of buzz thanks to Allari Naresh’s aggressive promotions. Furthermore, the film is a comedy entertainer perfect for the summer season.

“Prasanna Vadanam” starring Suhas has received little attention so far.

Along with the aforementioned Telugu films, the dubbed films “Sabari” and “Baak” will be released on May 3rd.

Satya Dev’s film gets a solo release

Satya Dev has, for the first time, appeared in an all-out action and revenge drama. The film will open in theaters on May 10th. And it has no competition from other films. Satya Dev is inviting top directors like Rajamouli to attend promotional events generate buzz.

Vishwak Sen, Asish

Vishwak Sen’s “Gangs of “Godavari” is one of the most anticipated films, set to be released on May 17th. The film features a viral song, and Vishwak Sen recently had a decent hit. So, there is hope for this film.

“Love Me,” a ghost romance starring Asish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya, will be released solo on May 25.

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Sudheer Babu versus Anand Deverakonda

Sudheer Babu’s period drama “Harom Hara” and Anand Deverakonda’s action comedy “Gam Gam Ganesha” test their luck at the box office on the last day of May.



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