US BO: Keedaa Cola grosses half million dollars

Keeda Cola

Tharun Bhascker has a good following among both urban and overseas audiences. His films have strong openings regardless of its cast. It has proven once more.


His third directorial effort, “Keedaa Cola,” is a departure from his previous works, and the subject has limited appeal. Nonetheless, it has made an impressive start in the United States. In its first weekend, the film grossed half a million dollars in the United States.

It is considered a decent hit. “Keedaa Cola” has chance to have a good run another weekend, since there is not much competition.

The film, directed by and acted in Tharun Bhascker, is a crime comedy about two groups trying to hit the jackpot by suing a softdrink company after discovering a cola bottle with a cockroach in it.

While the film received mixed reviews, critics praised Tharun’s unique narration style. Tharun and Vishnu Oi have received praise for their performances.



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