Bigg Boss Telugu 5 begins grandly with 19 contestants

Senior actor Nagarjuna Akkineni, who returned as the host for the third time, launched the 5th season of Bigg Boss Telugu on Sunday in a grand manner. He also unveiled this season’s contestants. This time, the number of contestants was increased to 19.

Nagarjuna mesmerized the TV audience with his impeccable hosting skills once again. Siri Hanmanth was the first contestant to enter the house. Anchor Ravi was the last to come.

‘Bigg Boss 5’ has selected some popular faces which include Anchor Ravi, actress Priya, Shanmukh Jaswanth, Umadevi, Indian Idol fame Sreerama Chandra. It also has not-so-popular ones like Hamida, Priyanka Singh, Lobo, and Anee. 

‘Bigg Boss 5’ will run for more than months. It will end in December. There will be wild card entries. A couple of well-known actors have already been finalized for the guest appearances as well. 

Here is the list of all 19 contestants…

  1. Siri Hanmanth
  2. VJ Sunny
  3. Lahari
  4. Sreerama Chandra
  5. Anee
  6. Lobo
  7. Priya
  8. Jessie aka Jaswant Pagadala
  9. Priyanka Singh
  10. Shanmukh Jaswanth
  11. Hamida
  12. Nataraj
  13. Sarayu
  14. Vishwa
  15. Umadevi
  16. Maanas
  17. RJ Kajal
  18. Swetaa Varma
  19. Anchor Ravi

All in all, ‘Bigg Boss 5 Telugu’ has all the ingredients to become another blockbuster season for Star Maa. 



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