Ravi Teja demands Rs 16 Cr now


After the success of ‘Krack’, Ravi Teja has increased his remuneration. Until now, he was taking home the paycheck of Rs 10 to 12 Crore. 

Ravi Teja has increased it to Rs 14 crore plus GST. That comes close to Rs 16 crore. 

Ravi Teja argues that his films are bringing non-theatrical revenue in the range of Rs 26 to Rs 28 crore. After ‘Krack’, the theatrical business is also turning out to be attractive. 

Now, his films will also bring in theatrical revenue in the range of Rs 25 crore. When Rs 50 crore of the business is being done on his films, the quote remuneration should not be a burden to the producers. This is why he has hiked remuneration.


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