Anil Ravipudi opens up on ‘F3’ and Balayya’s film

Anil Ravipudi

Anil Ravipudi is known for his brand of entertainment and has given big hits. He is currently directing “F3”, starring Venkatesh and Varun Tej. On the eve of his birthday (Nov 23), he meets the media. He opens up on “F3”, his proposed film with Balakrishna, and his upcoming projects in this brief interview.

Were you disappointed with Gali Sampath’s failure?

Not much. I made this film as an experiment. If I would have made it in my style, the failure would have hit me hard. But I did the film for my friend and have no regrets at all.

“F3” was supposed to release on Sankranthi 2022. Now that the film has been pushed to Feb 2022, what is your response?

We are disappointed, but things are not in our hands due to COVID-19. But Dil Raju Garu feels that “F3” is a film that should come solo as it has a huge star cast and needs a wide release. So we have chosen the February release as of now.

What is the USP of F3?

The characters in “F3” run after money. They are frustrated about money, and how things go wrong for Venkatesh and Varun will be narrated hilariously. The fun quotient in “F3” will be more than “F2”.

What is the status of your next with Balakrishna?

There is news that the film will be a comedy entertainer is untrue. I cannot make a comedy film with Balayya garu as he is known for his mass image. So, the project will be a serious drama with just a pinch of comedy and that too situational. 

Will you ever make a mass action drama with a serious subject?

I already made ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ with Mahesh Babu. The basic line of my film with Balayya is different. It will showcase what I am capable of as a director. We start shooting in July 2022. 

Upcoming films?

After the release of ‘F3’, I will turn busy with the scripting of Balayya’s film. Apart from this, I am also scripting films for big stars and will approach them soon.



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