I want to remix my dad’s hit song: Aadi Saikumar

Tell us about “Top Gear”?

“Top Gear” is a captivating thriller. Shashikanth, the director, told me two stories. I felt “Top Gear’s” story was appropriate for me. It tells the story of a cab driver who gets into trouble. This is a one-day story. When the situation calls for it, the protagonist must switch to top gear. Hence, we chose the title. We also thought the title was stylish. Shashikanth, the director, is certain about everything. He handled the subject well.

Fixation on thrillers…

I know I’ve been doing mostly thrillers, but they’re coming my way. People are also not interested in watching regular mass entertainers. As a result, it is preferable not to attempt such formulaic stories. I’m interested in making a variety of commercially viable films.

What are your upcoming projects?

I signed a deal with the production company Lucky Media. Kona Venkat produced a web series called “Puli Meka,” in which I acted.

Is there any plan to remake any of your father Saikumar’s superhit films?

No. But I’d like to remix ‘Asalem Gurthukuradu’ from ‘Anthapuram,’ which is one of my absolute favourites of my father’s films.



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