Kalyan Ram: ‘Devil’ has many high points

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

“Devil” featuring Kalyan Ram is set to release this Friday (December 29). “Devil” is also the last Telugu release of 2023. Kalyan Ram discusses the film and his career.


Devil and Sherlock Holmes!

The setting of “Devil” in the 1940s, as well as the overall story told by Srikanth Vissa, piqued my interest. Investigative methods in Sherlock Holmes films are the main highlight, and “Devil” has a similar feel.

We had already passed the halfway point in the production of “Bimbisara” when Srikanth Vissa wrote the script. So I suggested Srikanth make changes to the script because I knew the exceptions would be different after “Bimbisara” was released.

I thought it was interesting and unusual to mix commercial elements into a period investigative thriller.

The rush of adrenaline

There are many high points in “Devil.” To feel the adrenaline rush, you must watch the film. You’ll have to wait until December 29th to find out if there’s a patriotism angle or not. In this film, don’t expect me to see in any negative shade. I take on the role of a hero, with total positive side.


New movies

I’ll begin work on “Bimbisara 2” after finishing another film.

Devara’s development

We want our films to be fantastic. That is why we are particular with the quality output. “Devara” is going to be huge. We have decided not to release any content until we are sure about its quality. My brother NTR’s look and role will be fantastic in “Devara”.



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