Lavanya Tripathi: Tired of doing song and dance routine

Lavanya Tripathi: Tired of doing song and dance routine

Lavanya Tripathi has acted in a sports drama for the first time in her career. ‘A1 Express’ is the film that we are talking about. The film has Sundeep Kishan as the male lead. Interacting with the media, she reveals how she prepped for her role and how she wants to re-invent herself now in these changing times in Tollywood. Read on…

What made you sign A1 Express?

I have been here for a long time and was fed up with doing the same song and dance routine. I always wanted to do something different and that is the reason, I took a break. At that moment, I got ‘A1 Express’, which I took it right away.

You are a hockey player in the film. How did you prepare for the role?

It was very tough to get into the shoes of a hockey player. Though I am fit, it took me a lot of time to get the moves. My coach helped me a lot to get my actions right in the game and whatever shots you see in the film, I have done them on my own without any dupe. 

Tell us about Sundeep Kishan as a producer and co-star?

I had already worked with him in a Tamil film, Maayavan. But there was no romance in that film. In ‘A1 Express’, our chemistry is going to be a huge highlight. Sundeep is a dear friend and has given everything for this film. You will see him in a new avatar in this sports drama.

A1 Express is a remake. What kind of changes has been done? 

A lot of changes have been done to the original to suit the nativity in Telugu. So many new aspects have been added to make things commercial in this film. Sundeep’s character has been elevated big time in the remake.


Tell us about your other film Chaavu Kaburu Challaga?

This is one film which I am eagerly waiting for as I have a very unique role. I have pinned a lot of hopes on this film. 

Will you take up non-lead roles?

Why not? I am quite eager to do negative roles, biopics, and even character-driven roles in big hero films. My role should be strong and add value to the film. 



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