Malavika Mohanan on wedding plans and naval piercing

Malavika Mohanan

Malavika Mohanan makes her Telugu debut in the film “The Raja Saab,” directed by Maruthi. She partnered with Prabhas on this project, which is still under production. However, her next film will be “Thangalan,” directed by Pa Ranjith and starring Vikram as the hero. The actress is very popular on social media. She routinely shares highly stunning photos with her fans and followers.


On Monday (April 29), she had a Q&A session with her followers on, answering a wide range of questions.

Marriage plans

When a fan asked when she was getting married, she responded by asking, ““Why are you in a hurry to see me married?”

First crush

When asked about her first celebrity crush, she revealed that Hrithik Roshan was the one.  “I was very young with ‘Kaho na pyaar hai’ had come out and had a massive crush on #HrithikRoshan,” she went on to say.

Naval piercing

Malavika Mohanan

When a fan questioned if she ever fierced her naval, she informed him that this chat was not a kinky session. “Well, you’re looking for a kink-appeasing Q&A and I’m looking for an intellectually fun one. We’re on 2 entirely different pages,” she stated amusingly.

Dream roles

What’s her dream role? So, gangster is her choice. “Want to play a Gangster. Will be interesting to see a woman play a cool gangster, no? And now that I’m trained in action sequences as well, will be fun to explore that side more,” she remarked.

Glam photoshoots

When asked when she would quit doing skinshows and start doing more serious acting, she appeared upset and responded that she would never stop showcasing glam assets. She also claimed that she enjoys doing glamour photoshoots. She said, “Coz I like to. Simple… Got a problem with that?”

Malavika Mohanan

Thangalan and action roles

Regarding “Thangalan,” she stated that while she performed an action role, it was not mindless action.  “I like playing it not watching it. Also I would say thangalaan is more story driven and not mindless action, so it’s still enagaging to watch it when action is ingrained into the narrative & not put in a formulaic way. I always wanted to try out my hand at action, and with #thangalaan I got to do exactly that. I feel like it’s been a while since I explored a softer side and really want to do a nice love story-ish film soon.”

Hyderabad food

She has been making regular travels to Hyderabad to act in Prabhas’ film, and she finds our food to be quite spicy. “Everything is soooo spicy,” she explained.

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Malavika Mohanan

Favorite Actress

“Love Anushka Shetty, Samantha,” she said of her favorite Telugu actresses.



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