Nag Ashwin about Jathi Ratnalu, and Prabhas’s movie

Nag Ashwin

Nag Ashwin will direct a sci-fi thriller with Prabhas very soon. Before that, he has produced a comedy caper ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ which hits the screens on March 11th. Directed by Anudeep, ‘Jathi Ratnalu features Naveen Polishetty, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Priyadarshi in the lead roles. Nag Ashwin speaks about turning producer and working with Prabhas. Read on. 


Who is behind the unique promotions of Jathi Ratnalu?

From the beginning, we had planned that the promotions for this film should be unique. We hired a special team and sat down in detail and designed strategies related to songs, teasers, and trailers. Everything that we planned has worked well so far. 

Are you happy with the way the film has shaped up?

Yes, I am. The film was supposed to release last year but due to the lockdown, it got postponed. So, I have been watching the film since then and every time I watch it, end up laughing more. This itself proves that the film is going to be hilarious. 

Was Naveen Polishetty always on your mind?

Yes, from day one, he was the one for this film. I was supposed to launch him as the hero with this film but ‘Agent Srinivasa Athreya’ got released first. He is one of the best actors in the current generation and will be a big star to watch out for.

Heard that you were involved in the film totally and gave creative inputs as well. Tell us about it?

I gave a good number of suggestions to the director Anudeep. After a point, he used to ask me when I would go home and leave him alone. I wanted my vision in this film but also gave enough liberty to the director to narrate the film in his style.

What did you learn after producing a feature film?

I have learned a lot and it is a tough job. From now on, I won’t produce any film. If I come across something exciting, I will forward it to Swapna Cinema. I am happy directing my films.

USP of Jathi Ratnalu?

I love films made by SV Krishna Reddy and Jandhyala garu. Such films are missing these days. Jathi Ratnalu is a mad comedy featuring three idiotic characters who get embroiled in a serious crime. It is a situational comedy. The film has the flavor of ‘Money Money’.

Update on Prabhas film?

It is going to be a thrilling experience for everyone. Everything that is shown in the film will be new and interesting. Prabhas is super excited about the film and is ready to give a lot of time. We start shooting in July and the set work is going to be world-class.



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