Pradeep Machiraju: I didn’t take remuneration

Pradeep Machiraju: I didn’t take remuneration

Pradeep Machiraju’s ‘30 Rojullu Preminchadam Ela’ is finally ready for a big release tomorrow (Jan 29). He is quite kicked about the film and says that he was waiting for this moment for the last ten years. Here are the excerpts from his chitchat…

Are you feeling tensed as the D-day is here?

It is a ten-year-old journey, and I am happy that my dream is finally coming to life. I always wanted to be a hero and have grown up with that sole aim in mind. So, when the offer came around, I did not think twice. But things have not been easy for me. I have gone through extreme lows and highs and was silently waiting for my chance.

What made you sign the film in the first place?

Director Munna came to me with this idea, and when I heard the story, I told him that this character should be done by an actor who is close to the family audiences. He opined that it would suit me well because of my connection with the TV audience. 

Tell us about the two roles you have done?

In the very first film as a hero, I got to play such a challenging role. I have worked hard for this film and hope it clicks well with the audience. The twist in my role will also be a big shock for the audience.

Why did you stick to theatrical release?

It is my producer SV Babu who wanted this to hit the theaters first. He has been very supportive of me. Despite getting lucrative OTT deals, he had rejected them. 

Heard you have sacrificed a lot for this film?

I was so depressed when the lockdown happened. We worked so hard on the film and just before three days of the theatrical release, the lockdown was imposed. So, I decided not to take my remuneration for this film and wait for the release. I told my producer that if he makes money after the release, I will take my share then. 


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